Market News!

We’re excited to be showing at market in High Point again this spring.  Still setting up at Suites at Market Square, but one floor below our usual space.

Many new items to reveal there!


1552 HighPointMarket

Happy Birthday, Vino Oak Tray!

VOT2 Small
The Vino Oak Tray has become more popular with each passing month. We introduced this tray August 2013, and it has been a #1 seller. Reclaimed wine staves make up the frame, and corners are reinforced with pieces of the barrel bands themselves.

July’s Giveaway Winner

During the month of July, we entered every store that placed an order that month, into a drawing for a free Vino Oak Tray.  And the winner of the drawing was – NEST of Grand Traverse, Michigan.  A big thank you to all of you and the orders you placed this last month.  It was most fun to put all of the store names in a bowl and draw.

Oak Tray made from reclaimed wine staves and bands.   Walnut Stain
Oak Tray made from reclaimed wine staves and barrel bands.

Vino Barrel Mirrors

Single Band, Wine Barrel Mirror
Single & Double Band, Wine stave mirrors.   Also available with chalkboard instead of mirror glass.  Walnut or Gray wash stain finish options.
Double Band, Wine Stave Mirror.
Walnut or Gray wash stain finish options available.

Birdhouses in the Works

Birdhouses in the Works

As I’d mentioned in my newsletter, we’re bringing on a line of birdhouses. Here is one in the works. Just a few finishing touches and it’ll be ready for you and High Point Market.
There are several design options coming, so stay tuned for pictures.
Each birdhouse is made from reclaimed wood.