Sono (I am) Inspired

It started with an idea – you know, one of those “I got it” (inspired) moments. Well, that didn’t work out like we thought. But on that road, we crossed paths with barrels, more than once.

So, this story really begins with a gift of barrels from Napa Valley. With a little deconstruction and creativity, we were making designs that were immediately popular with our retailers. From these simple beginnings fueled by imagination and inspiration, our dream has expanded into a truly unique business.

Every day we get to work with history. Our barrels have been used to mature some of the finest spirits, wines, and sophisticated beverages in the world. The resources are derived from white oak in France, Austria, and the heartlands of America! Our production is time intensive. Each piece is touched by many hands, ensuring its quality and durability.

Wood and Steel, Barrel and Bands.

We are dirt roads, work boots, big dreams, and rural roots.

People still want to own and hold products made in America.

This is a small town love story, homegrown and family owned.

Together, with friends and coworkers, we strive for excellence in every piece. We are here to be a blessing providing products of distinction honoring the age-old craft and efforts of all those who over the expanse of time have perfected their art. We are giving you the chance to hold and own a piece of authentic legacy.

Our Team

Jeremiah Reynolds


Kassy Reynolds


Marian Reynolds

Production Manager

Dylan Reynolds


Audrey Reynolds


Kent Dalrymple


Heath Qualls


Riley Gervasi