Whiskey…Now and Then

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now and then…….

Let’s take a journey discovering the history of whiskey(y) and distillation. A condensed version is offered here

2000 B.C…. the art of distillation was arguably founded in Mesopotamia where they produced perfumes and aromatics

100 A.D…. the first actual written record describing distillation was used to process sea water to fresh water by the Greek philosopher Alexander. Over centuries the process evolves spreading to Europe by traveling Moors and acquired by the Monks eventually migrating from mainland Europe to Scotland and Ireland

13th century…first recorded incident of distillation when the monks would separate alcohol from wine for medicinal purposes

15th century…distillation spread to Scotland and Ireland, the first mention of whiskey was with the death of an Irish Chieftan in 1405 “taking a surfeit of aqua vitae” the Latin word for whiskey ‘the water of life’

16th century…KIng HenryVIII of England began closing the monasteries and the monks went out among the common people. Needing a way to make a living the skill of distillation was used. Lacking vineyards and grapes they turned to fermented grains. In 1608 the oldest licensed distillery in the world began production…Bushmills in Ireland

17th century…the process traveled to the land of promise in the capable hands of Scotch and Irish immigrants becoming popular in the Southern States and used as currency during the Revolutionary War

18th century…with new and harsh taxes imposed Scot’s were inclined to work illegally through the night with low visibility hiding their fires. That’s when the nickname ‘moonshine’ was first used

Next the history of whiskey in America

quote of the day…’you can’t find answers in the bottom of a whiskey glass, but if you look hard enough you’ll forget the questions” George Patterson

my recommendation…there’s a new kid in town. Instead of ‘Jack and Coke’ try ‘Ezra and RC’ …that’s ‘Ezra Brooks’ in case your ken to know

‘guildbye for noo’